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We are a couple of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professional traders with trading/’broker use’ experience dating back over 20 years.

Trading is among the top use cases and activities of cryptocurrencies. This encompasses payment rails for cash exchanges, margin crypto futures platforms and Forex brokers. Crypto use for these activities has created a supercharged financial ecosystem that sits in between the traditional restricted financial system and the modern free cryptocurrency financial system.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general, have improved the Forex broker usability and accessibility with an enormous magnitude. It was only idealized a few years ago, by the majority of traditional market traders, that trading crypto was a niche market full of fake assets, dreamers, and scammers. Today, the tables have completely turned and a typical FX broker is not considered to have a complete offering if there are no crypto pairs such as BTCUSD and ETHUSD available for trade. Next to having cryto pairs for trade, brokers are considered highly inconvenient if there is no option to deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin or Ethereum at the minimum.

Cryptocurrency Forex Brokers have faster account signup processes, faster deposits, and quicker withdrawals than any regulated bank based broker. This is because many Crypto Forex Brokers do not require KYC for crypto denominated accounts and have speedy transfers because cryptocurrency can automate fund confirmations without the dependence of a bank confirmation. Remember the days of emailing the broker to see if they received your wire yet? or printing/signing your withdrawal request form, scanning it then faxing to the broker? Crypto has gotten rid of all this process. Some Crypto Forex Brokers also allow, cross usage Jurisdiction if the broker is not Regulated. This is due to the private nature of Crypto working outside the financial system.

An unregulated Crypto Forex Broker can transmit with anyone in the world if its 100% denominated in cryptocurrency making it very easy for restricted traders, such as traders in the USA or Quebec, to open accounts with an email, deposit, and trade. While this is all possible and still occurring, it is best to avoid crypto Forex brokers who overtly accept restricted clients as they risk litigation from authorities which can cause these brokers to go bankrupt or criminalized putting your funds at risk. Today more and more Crypto Forex Brokers perform Network location verification or light KYC to verify that the user is not restricted in order to protect themselves from regulatory authorities.

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